I've finally implemented a solution to my woes with dual extruder temperature control in Cura. In any case, I'm now having much more luck with dual extrusion and the temperature graphs that can be seen in octoprint look much more sensible.

The problem, as many have suspected, was Cura and GPX disagreeing on which "T" (hotend "tool") numbers applied to "M104" / "M109" temperature commands.

My best understanding of the problem is this:

Cura thinks that "T#" is modal only when it is the only (first?) thing on a line, while GPX thinks that e.g., "M109 T1 S200" contains a modal "T1".

This causes dual extrusion code to send temperature commands to the wrong nozzle.

This script attempts to work around the problem by tracking which "T#" lines Cura thinks are modal, and then attaching that "T#" again to any M104/M109 lines that would require it.

What seems incomplete about this story is, cura writes extrusions as "E#", which should also be moving the "T#" extruder motor. But GPX doesn't start extruding T0 with the sequence

  M104 T0 S175
  G1 F1500 E-0.6    ; retract

So something's still missing from the explanation.

The PostProcessingPlugin is released under the terms of the AGPLv3 or higher.

It works with Ultimaker Cura 4.0, but may not work with other software or versions.

On my Linux system it is installed to ~/.local/share/cura/4.0/scripts/fixtempcommands.py but your mileage may vary. The installation of cura scripts seems a bit underdocumented, or at any rate I didn't find the documentation. The location is under one of the two folders opened when you "Help > Show Configuration Folder"

Having done so, simply enable the script to post-process your gcode in "Extensions > Post Processing > Modify G-Code". Just choose the script from the "Add a script" dropdown.

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